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1. Polybius Greek Historian Polybius
Polybius was an influential second century B.C. historian from Greece. Polybius wrote about various governments and provided data on the Punic Wars...
2. Polybius, Greece, ancient history
Polybius (c.200-120BC) Historian from Megalopolis, who was sent to Rome as a hostage after the Roman conquest of Macedonia in 168 BC. There, he...
3. Polybius
Polybius was a Greek historian born about 204 B.C.
4. Polybius on the Roman Military
loeb classical library infantry soldier four lads cavalry soldier roman citizens: Polybius describes the Roman Military
5. polybios, grekland, antik historia
Polybios (ca. 200-120 fKr) Historiker från Megalopolis, som skickades till Rom som gisslan då romarna erövrat Makedonien år...
6. Concolitanus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia (en) Wikipedia RSS Feed Wikipedia Atom Feed Concolitanus From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Concolitanus...
7. Review of Cunliffe's Pytheas
Review of Cunliffe's Pytheas
8. 1st Punic War
1st Punic War
9. Roman Law
Resources on the Roman legal system and consitution.
10. Rome -Ancient Roman Law - Government - Constitution
Resources on the Roman legal system, the types of government, the Roman officials, the senate and the role of the people in government and the...
11. Laodice II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia (en) Wikipedia RSS Feed Wikipedia Atom Feed Laodice II From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Laodice (in Greek...

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Mykonos Island

Ιt is the cosmopolitan center of the Cyclades Complex. Its reputation has spread during the last years due to its unique landscape, its archaelogical sites, its cosmopolitan environment and its magnificent beaches.

White-washed, cube-shaped houses are scattered all over the island, narrow streets in the town, chapels and picturesque tavernas hide among art galleries and stores selling jewellery, souvenirs etc.

Trends that sweep through the international scene are born in the intense nightlife of this modern resort.

An island of tempting and tempestuous reputation such as Mykonos, with high tourism and a rather superficial lifestyle, inevitably has both fans and critics.

But even the most unsuspecting visitor immediately realizes that Mykonos is not only a crazy “bon-viveur”, but also an attractive, picturesque island with white Chora aside the crystal-clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

Direct international charter flights and regular domestic flights from Athens serve frequently, during summer, the airport of Mykonos.

Because it is so famous, Mykonos gets really overcrowded during high season but for those who enjoy the crowd, great fun and all night long entertainment, Mykonos is the ideal place for holidays.

Have a wonderful time...