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1. Gelon, Greece, ancient history
Gelon (c.540-478 BC) Tyrant of Gela and Syracusae who made the latter city pre-eminent on Sicily. Gelon refused to join in the Greek fight against...
2. gelon, grekland
Gelon (ca. 540-478 fKr) Tyrann i Gela och Syrakusa som gjorde den senare staden dominerande på Sicilien. Gelon vägrade att gå med i...
3. Gelo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia (en) Wikipedia RSS Feed Wikipedia Atom Feed Gelo From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search {{otheruses Gelon....
4. Epicharmus, Greece, ancient history
Epicharmus (c.540-450BC) One of the first comic writers to give artistic form to comedy. Epicharmus was born on Kos but worked in Syracusae, under...
5. Phormis
A biographical note on the Greek dramatist Phormis.

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