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1. Dioscorides Pedanius, Greece, ancient history
Dioscorides, Pedanius (c.40-90 AD) Born in Anazarbus (today's Turkey), this Greek physician wrote a text on botany and pharmacology free from...
2. On a Lydian Slave, Dioscorides
On a Lydian Slave, Dioscorides
3. The Light of Troy, Dioscorides
Poems 51-60 in the Greek Anthology, Book I.
4. dioskorides, grekland
Dioskorides, Pedanius (ca. 40-90 fKr) Född i Anazarbus (dagens Turkiet), Dioskorides var en grekisk läkare som skrev en text om botanik och...
5. In the News - Crushed Bedbugs and Black Pharaohs
In the News - Crushed Bedbugs and Black Pharaohs

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Hydra Island

Welcome to Hellas (Greece) and welcome to Hydra! it's probably impossible to fit all of Hydra's fascinating beauty in this small pamphlet. We have attempted, however, to give a short description of the island that has enough to offer the visitor and guarantees a memorable vacation.

The healthy dry climate, the friendly people, the sparkling warm waters and the picturesque harbor that at sundown transforms into a cosmopolitan city full of sports, scuba diving, trips to the islander historical monasteries, donkey rides in town, shopping In the stores along the harbor, good food in the taverner and restaurants, and all night partying at the bars and music clubs around town.

The high quality and exquisite service characteristic of the hotels and other shops and restaurants fit perfectly the strict standards of the highest class visitors and the jet set from all over the world that come to Hydra every year.

Sponsored by Mistral Hotel

Have a wonderful time...