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1. Theocritus, Greece, ancient history
Theocritus (c.310-250BC) Born in Syracusae, lived on the island Kos and also spent time in Egypt under Ptolemy II, Theocritus was to become the...
2. Theocritus
theocritus, the author of the Idylls, works of bucolic poetry.
3. Theocritus
Wikipedia (en)
4. To the Shepherd-God, Theocritus
To the Shepherd-God, Theocritus
5. Viol and Flute, Theocritus
Viol and Flute, Theocritus
6. To Apollo and the Muses, Theocritus
To Apollo and the Muses, Theocritus
7. On Prexo, Wife of Theocritus of Samos, Leonidas of Tarentum
On Prexo, Wife of Theocritus of Samos, Leonidas of Tarentum
8. To Asclepius, Theocritus
To Asclepius, Theocritus
9. Classical E-Text: THEOCRITUS, IDYLLS 26 - 30 & INSCRIPTIONS
Classical E-Text
10. Classical E-Text: THEOCRITUS, IDYLLS 1 - 4
Classical E-Text
11. Classical E-Text: THEOCRITUS, IDYLLS 19 - 25
Classical E-Text
12. Classical E-Text: THEOCRITUS, IDYLLS 12 - 18
Classical E-Text
13. Classical E-Text: THEOCRITUS, IDYLLS 5 - 11
Classical E-Text
14. Asleep in the Wood, Theocritus
Greek Anthology Book I Chapter VI Part II - Nature.
15. theokritos, grekland, antik historia
Theokritos (ca. 310-250fKr) Född i Syrakusa men levde på ön Kos och spenderade också tid i Egypten under Ptolemaios II,...
16. Diocles (mythology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia (en) Wikipedia RSS Feed Wikipedia Atom Feed Diocles (mythology) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search In Greek...

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