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Since the eruption of 1950, the volcanic centers of the Kameni islands have been dormant. The only surface reminders of the magma underlying the islands are the numerous thermal springs dotting their shores, and the emission of hot gaseous vapours from the fumaroles in Nea Kameni's central craters. These gases, whose temperatures range between 93 and 97 degrees centigrade, consist mainly of carbon dioxide and hot atmospheric air, with traces of other gases, including hydrogen sulphide and methane. Deposits of sulphur minerals, gypsum and other hydrothermal minerals occur at the points where these gases escape. A state-of-the-art integrated network monitoring dozens of physical and chemical parameters (temperature and chemical composition of the fumaroles and hot waters, seismic activity, sea-level and topographical changes, gravitational and magnetic fields of the earth, etc.) has recently been installed on the islands, and in the surrounding area. This network ensures that the slightest precursory manifestation or phenomenon indicative of a possible re- awakening of the volcano will be recorded, thus permitting measures to be taken in plenty of time to ensure that visitors to the islands and inhabitants will run no danger whatsoever if the volcano should awaken.

The Volcano of Santorini

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